The Peace Keeping Keepers keep peace in the world

The Peace Keeping Keepers are the races that believe in good and try to maintain that good through the blessed continent. They are the opposite to the Cult of Storms in many ways, but mainly just the fact that 3 of the teams that are part of the Keepers have similarities with people in the Cult

  • Elves - Dark Elves (Their names suggested what)
  • Dwarves - Goblins (They both live Underground and both move easier under the ground)
  • Highmen - Undead (They are both Pure and the Highmen are around to try and stop the Undead from walking the Earth)
  • The Halflings however are not the like the Orcs, mainly because they are not strong or blood thirty and are not Warrior like.


  • They were the only group with 4 people from before the Humans destroyed the Elven Court.
  • They are all not as happy with one other race (Unlike the other 2 groups).
    • Elves and Dwarves - don't get along because the some Dwarves wield axes and Elves believe that the Dwarves use them to cut down trees
    • Halflings and Highmen - For Unknown reasons (If you know, please Edit and add in the infomation)
  • The Highmen are part of the Keepers but fight them a lot through-out the Campaign
    • Kind of like the Cult and the Undead