Oracles Eye Map

Oracle's Eye's Mini-Map


Oracles Eye is one of the only 2 12 player map, It has the Humans, Elves, Orcs, Frostlings, Halfings and Goblins around the outside with 3-blocks. Dwarves, Undead, Lizardmen, Highmen, Dark Elves and Azarcs, around the inside with 4-blocks. In the middle of the map is an Altar of FIre, Death, Life and Ice, and then around them is a Node of each type (Excluding Power Nodes). By each team's starting town is a 1-block town and a tower fort. The 6 teams in the middle have to go down a tunnel just beyond the tower to get to their power node, around the outside however their Power Nodes are just beyond their Tower Forts. At 6 points around the outside are 6 other 3-blocks. Along with these are 6 reflecting pools, next to these are Ship Yards and then across the sea are small islands with teleportors leading around the 6 islands, also on the islands are ship yards. Heading into the middle from the 3-blocks are 2-blocks, and then further in are 6 4-blocks. Under the ground are 6 other 4-blocks all of the same race as the ones above them. Spread thorugh-out the underground web systerm are lots of 1-block towns.


  • Along with After the Fall it is the only 12 player map
  • It is one of the mosst orgised maps in the game
  • Other than maps that have been made to give other teams an uper hand it is one of the only maps that has different teams starting with different size towns.
  • It is probably the only map to have multibleterrain types only under teams bases and the rest being grass
  • It probably has the most 1-block towns comnpared to other maps, and possibly even 4-blocks since After the fall is the only other 12 player map with about 5 4-blocks