Age of Wonders Nations

Who Wil you be?

Who will you be? The Peace Loving Keepers (Elves, Halflings, Dwarves and Highmen) The Menacing Cult of Storms (Dark Elves, Orcs, Goblins and Undead) or the people im-between who can turn either way (Humans, Azarcs, Lizardmen and Frostlings).


  • Before the Human came to the Valley of Wonders there was only 9 different races on the land. (The Humans came by Boat, the Elves split into 2 factions and the Undead were resurrected when Meandor brought Inoich back to life.)
  • The Netral group are the only group not to have someonee that is pure-something. (The Keepers have the Highmen who are Pure Good, while the Cult have the Undead who are Pure Evil) (The only exception top this rule is the Syron who is Pure Netral, but does noit have his own team.).
  • The Keepers and Cult each fight against their pure member during the canpaign.
  • The Humans, in theroy, created the Dark Elves
  • The Dark Elves then made the Undead