The Life Sphere is the oppiste to the Death Sphere and spells have things to do with rejuvinating the land, attacking the undead and increasing the relations with other teams.

The Life Sphere stands for all things good and alive. There are countless spells to use with this element, you can do things from rejuvinate ground to spells that attck Undead to increasing everyones relationships with the other races


  • Level 1 spells;
    • Solar Flare - Shoots a blast of holy energy at a target
    • Remedy - Heals all non-magical handicaps on a unit and heals +5 health
    • Bless - Protection against Death based attacks and +1 Defence and +1 Resistance
    • Rejuvenate - Turns any ground (Apart from underground) into lush fertille Grassland)
  • Level 2 spells;
    • Holy Woods - Makes trees sprout up that when walked though by evil forces hurts them
    • Holy Champion - This Spell does the oppiste to Bless, instaed of upgrading Defence and Resistance it raises the attack and damage levels by 2 points
    • Recall Spirits - When half your men are dead, use this spell on their corpse and you get Spirit Puppets, the number you get depends on the amount of dead bodies you use it on. (1 Corpse = 1 Spirit Puppets)
    • Turn Undead - This Spell is used on Undead units and only undead units, (Although it works on Incarnates as well), try this on none Undead opponent and it will do nothing and just be a waste of Mana
  • Level 3 spells;
    • Resurrect Hero - When your hero dies they are dead, unless you use this spell (or its death spell counter-part, Animate Hero), this spell bring them back to life and allows you to use them. There is a flaw to this, the hero is given a handicap called Ressurected, (Animated, in the Death spells case), this allows the spell Turn Undead or Priest Ability Turn Undead I II III and IV hurts them, since they are Undead.
    • Tranquility - This spell causes all race relations to grow, meaning that a race you are unhappy with could end up liking you. (Not recommanded for Multi-player games) It has a counter-part in the Daeth Sphere, Hatred, this is however a Level 4 spell
    • High Prayer - Does what bless does, only on more men and only in battle, it also heals your men as well
    • Sacred Wrath - This spell makes a big explosion in the middle of the battle field that sends out lots of Solar Flares spread across the battle field and into every unit on the field including your own people. (Warning this spell is extreamly powerful on Evil units, do not use if you have Undead allies)
  • Level 4 spells
    • Crusade - Causes Highmen units to appear all over the map and attack any people who are unruly with the Highman rase.
    • Summon Gold Dragon - Does what the name emplys, it summons a Gold Dragon
    • Life Mastery - When casted all friendly units are cursed, Death Spells cost double and all evil units must resist or suffer fear
    • Divine Storm - Blanets an area with holy energy, damaging everyone in the area apart from units with the ability Holy Immuantity


  • It along with Death are the only sets of spells that can bring a hero back to life
  • It is the only sphere that has the ability to change the landscape, (Colouration, if you include Mountians then Earth can be added to the mix)
  • The Alter of Life is considered to be part of the Life Sphere and probably uses Life Magic.