General Edit

The most common inhabitant of the land is man. The youngest of the races, Humans havenonly been present in the land with the othernancient races for a few centuries. Still, Humans have spread across all parts of the land and have become varied in appearance and nature. Their adaptability allows them to live andthrive in nearly any climate.

Society Edit

Due to their relatively short life spans, Humans tend to strive to accomplish things as quickly as possible. Their cities have risen from the ground to encompass vast stretches of land. Human rulers claim dominion over huge empires and believe they are destined to dominate the entire world. These rugged people can adapt to any climate and can even live underground. Humans seem to be making incredible advances in technology in recent times, accelerating their spread across the lands.

Combat Edit

Humans have been known to use a wide array of combat tactics against other races, depending on the nature of the enemy. Humans make average warriors, clerics, archers and cavalry. Mounted knights make a very strong addition to cavalry, and charlatans are often used for sneak attacks or ranged support. The preferred weapon of almost all Human warriors is the long sword. When available, Human musketeers can give a decided advantage in town sieges and ranged attacks.