The Pure Good team who want the world to be clensh-ed of all races other them self's and the Humans


The Highmen are Pure and are responsible for the Humans invasion of the Elven Court. They decended from the Heavans to prevent the Undead from walking the Earth and wipe out all other races, apart from their less Holy counter-part, the Humans. They are part of the Keepers but fight with the Elves, Dwarves and Halflings, and have disagreements about who the Humans are and how to take care of them. They are the basicily the opposite to the Undead

General Edit

High Men are tall, pale-skinned beings believed to have descended from the heavens. Most are taller than the average Human, but with less individual variations in appearance. High Men project a serious demeanor and seem to have a very limited sense of humor. They are highly respected by the good beings, while many of the neutrals and evil beings view them with distrust and suspicion.

Society Edit

High Men society is built upon a foundation of strict order and purity. High Men participate in few forms of entertainment and relish tranquil relaxation above more earthly pleasures. It is thought that the High Men spend most of their time protecting the world from evil, especially the Undead, but they are rarely seen away from the battlefield, and the other races know little about them.

Combat Edit

The High Men are a magical race by nature and rely heavily on their supernatural abilities in combat. They fight most effectively against their archenemies, the Undead, but fare well against most other races also. With the aid of the Valkyries, Holy Avengers, Titans and Astra, the High Men are able to hold their ground and continue fighting against the powerful forces of evil.

Regular SpheresEdit

Life and Fire are the Highmen normal default spheres. And on After the Fall and Oracles Eye they have these spheres

Why they are opposed to the UndeadEdit

  • The Highmen are Pure Good - The Undead are Pure Evil
  • The Highmen want most things alive - The Undead want most things dead
  • The Highmen priest have Turn Undead - The Undead Priest do not have Turn Undead, since they have no need to turn their own kind


  • Even though they get along with the Humans, their Pure Good creatures will rebel against the Humans
  • Although other races only have their priests with Turn Undead, these Highmen units also have this ability;
    • Highman Priest (Up to Turn Undead IV)
    • Highman Palidan
    • Highman Avenger (Up to Turn Undead IV)
  • They could be The Humans gods, or servants of their God