Elves, the immortal carers of the world

The Elves are immortal beings who have taken care of the world since ancient times.They ruled over the other 8 races and kept peace, until the Humans came and killed their king, soon after the Elves split into 2 fractions the Elves that wanted to keep peace with the Humans and the Dark Elves who wanted them dead. Once Queen Elwyn was killed, Julia took over as leader of the keepers. They have Nymphs under their control which are much like their Dark Elven counter parts, the Lady of Pain, who employ pain to suduce their enemies. Nymphs just simply suduce their oppenets wirth their looks and charms.

General Edit

Elves are a thin, fragile-looking folk who typically dwell deep within the forest. Aside from their pointed ears and thin facial features, Elves look very similar to Humans. Although somewhat slimmer than Humans, their lean, muscular limbs give them great agility and speed. Elves can live forever and can only die by violence, but most choose, at a very old age to set sail for The Isle of Last Goodbyes in search of the mystical Isle of Evermor.

Society Edit

Elves make their homes in forests where they feel at one with the natural beauty of their surroundings. Due to their immortality, unlike Dwarves and Humans, Elves are never in a rush and have little interest in short-term gains. Elves take pleasure in the finer points of life, including the arts and music, and most practice other skills unrelated to their chosen career paths. Elves value freedom and love above all. They recognize only a few lords, leaders who have proven themselves worthy of this title.

Combat Edit

Elves are able to excel in many areas – hand-to-hand combat, archery, magic and stealth – making them a tough race to defeat. Slightly weaker in physical strength, Elven infantry and cavalry tend to rely on skill more than brute force. They are cautious warriors, swift but somewhat fragile, so they plan their attacks carefully. The support of their good allies and woodland creatures also adds to their formidability in times of war.


  • Along with the Dark Elves, they are the only team to have the same name as another team, or at least the word anyway.
  • Both Leaders of the Keepers were Elves
  • They are the only team to have some people go bad
  • They along with the Dark Elves have natrally high restance to magic and are very good archers
  • The Elves and Dark Elves have very similar units under their command