Dark Elves

Dark Elves are the evil Elves that hate the world and reives Lord Inoich

Dark Elves are the living dead and counter-part of the Elves, ruled by Lord Inoichs vengeful son, Meandor. These creatures live in caves and tend to betray friends, like when they brtayed the Goblins and made them slaves, Somehow they have managed to tame one of the most evil creatures in the world, the Incarnate. They also employ people similar to the Elves' Nimphs, only their methord of suducing people is nice and calm, while the Dark Elves' Ladies of Pain use a wipe to scare the enemy into liking them or working for them.

General Edit

Dark Elves are the evil counterparts of normal Elves. They prefer to live in darkness, hidden from the sun’s revealing rays. Although they were once part of the Elven community that walks in the glow of the sun, they choose now to live underground. After only a few generations, they began adapting to the darkness and disliking the sunlight. Most Dark Elves have a dark gray-green complexion with white or silver hair.

Society Edit

The Dark Elves once enjoyed the same life of peace and relaxation as their kindred Elves on the surface. Now, their lives are filled with chaos and disaster, much of which is brought on by living underground. Still, the Dark Elves strive to achieve order through their strict family caste system. Most Dark Elves are too preoccupied with their lust for vengeance against the Humans and other Elves to relax during rare periods of peace and quiet.

Combat Edit

Dark Elves will use any means necessary to achieve victory in battle. Although their warriors and archers are just as skilled as those of the Elves, the Dark Elves tend to rely on tactics involving deception and surprise. Most often, they will achieve these effects through the use of magic — which they are able to master easily — drawing power from dark rituals and necromancy. Oftentimes, when a direct assault is needed, they will send in allied Orcs and Goblins to thin the ranks of the enemy before sending their elite Executioners.


  • Along with the Elves, they are the only team to have the same name as another team, or at least the word anyway.
  • Both Leaders of the Cult were, at one point, Elves
  • They are the only team to have broken away frrom another team
  • They along with the Elves have natrally high restance to magic and are very good archers
  • The Elves and Dark Elves have very similar units under their command